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Professional Identity and Vision

Welcome to my final bachelor portfolio!

My name is Veerle van Wijlen, a third year Industrial Design student at the University of Technology Eindhoven (TU/e), The Netherlands. In this portfolio I will show you my overall growth as designer and development in competencies and skills.

Professional Identity

I can be described as a user-centered experience designer passionate about creating and researching user experiences in an iterative process characterized by conceptualization and high user involvement. My strength is in translating the user needs into valuable concepts and prototypes. This by using various user research techniques (with a focus on in-the-field research) or co-design to empathize with the user and target group; turning all my insights into design opportunities and then translating them into a variety of experiential prototypes to later on turn them into a complete design. In this process I like to switch between intuitivity and in-depth research. Within projects I focus on designing for special needs groups as seniors with dementia; visually impaired and children since I love to add value to their lives. Furthermore I like to create complex designs that are complete in a sense that they feel intuitive to use for the user, in which all components work together through action-reaction, material choice, colors, graphics and formgiving style in order to create a whole experience. Because I focus on creating user experiences I also like to take the business aspect of my designs as financial budgets, value proposition and total customer experience into account to make sure the product can be effortlessly implemented in the market.


Nowadays, western society is performance-oriented and characterized by individualism. People are focused on their own successes, gaining status and therefore feel the pressure to perform well and fit in the high societal standards in all kinds of contexts as work and relationships. In parallel to this it can be seen that digital technologies are developing fast and enter more and more markets. Those technologies are often used by society to express their status and to fulfill their needs of self-esteem (Maslow). However, the pressure in current society to keep up with all the high societal standards can cause lots of stress, outside pressure and can make people feel uncomfortable and vulnerable in daily life. Therefore the uniqueness of every person needs to be embraced. I believe it is important to create a safe society in which every individual feels empowered, can be its utmost self and on the other hand is able to fulfill their needs of social belonging and can add value to others in society on daily basis. However, not every individual has the same capabilities and opportunities to achieve this and to fulfill their specific needs, like special need groups as older adults, seniors with dementia, visually impaired and children. This can be through physical disabilities, mental disabilities, social disabilities or environmental issues.

That is why I want to create a daily life experience for special need groups that enhances their feeling of empowerment and fulfills their needs of social belonging which allows them to add value to others in society on a daily basis.

This through researching the effect of solely tangible design or tangible-digital design made with a strong focus on the user. I am convinced that design research processes need focus on the creation of personal intuitive experiences. In order to create these experiences in everyday-life I believe designs need to be logical, intuitive, interactive but aesthetically pleasing. Moreover, in design the digital world we live in needs to be embraced however physicality needs to gain priority but together function as one.


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My development in design competencies & skills

The competency framework for the development as an Industrial Designer at the TU/e consists of .....

Some more information about my development through past activities. How I developed my competencies, professional skills and professional identity & vision.

Some more information about my development through my Final Bachelor Project activities. How I developed my competencies, professional skills and professional identity & vision.

Some more information about my future plans (short-term and long-term). In the short term I am planning on starting my masters Industrial Design at the TU/e next year, specifying in the track Research, Design and Development (RDD).

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