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Piggy Bank Game

A free form design assignment that applied the knowledge and skills learned in the Creative Programming lessons

applying creative
programming &
electronics skills 

Course Project
Creative Programming

Peter Peters & Jan Rouvroye

Individual project

no client

in short

Design challenge

In this course I learned the very first basics of computer programming, with a creative and design-oriented focus. The main environments included Processing and Arduino, to connect digital and physical aspects of designs. 

As a final assignment I created the Piggy Bank game, encouraging children to save their pocket money in a playful manner.

For every new coin, a digital coin in the game will fall down the screen which has to be caught by moving the "pig" in the game. This can be done through tilting the designed tangible piggy bank, making use of a tilt sensor.

For this game I combined a simple button, tilt sensor, Arduino and a combined Processing-Arduino program that I created.



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