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Intercultural Design

This course focused on intercultural awareness, understanding, cooperation and designing from different cultural perspectives compared to one's own

from different 
cultural perspectives

Course Project
Intercultural design


Cindy van den Bremen
& prof.dr. Caroline Hummels

no client

Cindy van den Bremen & Caroline


project members: Kamilé Vaitkutė & Malin Winter; and an expat family who had lived in Singapore

in short

Design challenges

As a designer and design researcher you need to be aware of your international scope. People around you such as employers, colleagues, clients, users and customers might carry different (sub) cultural backgrounds. This influences their way of thinking, way of working, communication and other behaviors. In communicating with them, either verbally or through designs, one has to be aware of the different values they might have, in comparison to your own. That is what this course was about. Firstly, I had to explore my own identity and cultural background through a personal story of "who I am"; various multi-disciplinary papers and literature were explored around ethical design, aesthetical design, the phenomenon of 'self', psychology, basic values, intercultural cooperation and Hofstede's cultural dimensions. These papers were thoroughly discussed in group sessions and in class. Finally, theory was applied in the re-design of a previous project of one of the group members, in this case my B1 design: Social Light. Social Light was re-designed to be applicable to people carrying a Singaporean cultural background. Hereby, integrating Singaporean values around dinner, talking during dinner, and family hierarchy was of great importance.



icd re-design2.JPG
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