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IoT Sound Design Lucid Bar 2030

In this course I explored how sound can play a role in designing Systems of Smart Things through different approaches to using sound, ranging from speech to non-speech; symbolic to expressive; localized sound to sound ecologies etc. In the form of theoretical knowledge and design challenges, I explored the strengths of the auditory modality within the experience of our digital/physical environment

Sound Design 
for connected 
interactive systems

Course Project
The sound of smart
things (elective)


prof.dr. Berry Eggen &
assistant professor dr.
Bart Hengeveld

Lucid Bar

Berry Eggen & Bart Hengeveld

Main project members: Arthur Geel, Chia Hsiu Liu & Maria Olsen 

in short

Design challenges

In this course various design challenges were done related to the exploration of the auditory modality to make Systems of Smart Things visible in the digital/physical world. Examples of these challenges include: the creation of an audiocumentary of the sounds you encounter in daily life and the experience around it; an auditory IoT meeting guiding system; the exploration of music theory (dissonance/consonance) in Systems of Smart Things; and the Smart Things System sound design within the Lucid Bar of 2030.



The Sound of Smart Things Final Assignment - Veerle.JPG


AudiocumentaryVeerle van Wijlen
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