Future plans


In the last 3 years I have developed an overall competency in design combining a vision, professional identity and competencies, being unique combinations of skills, knowledge and attitude within the specific areas of expertise. 
When looking back on the educational program I have gone through some highlights and deep low points. For me the highlights were being able to design solutions that were truly valuable for the target group and acknowledged by clients and experts in the field. Low points for me were struggling with my identity and vision as designer; determining my future plans and finding out the design research processes every project again and again cause it differs each time. By reflecting on my development within these 3 years I envision myself to be an experience designer specialized in creating the fit between the user’s needs, interests, values and design that leads to empowerment and fulfills their needs of social belonging allowing them to add value to others in society on a daily basis. Within this want to focus on implementing my user research skills to function as part of creating a whole.

Therefore with the master track Research, Design and Development (RDD) I want to support specialization in creating the attitude, knowledge and skills needed to function within a company or public institution to directly create value to users. 


In order to implement my vision into society, being able to empower and fulfill the needs of social belonging for special need groups allowing them to add value to others in society on a daily basis through experience design, I wish for being a confident designer at a small and innovative social, empathic design studio. This because for my vision it is important working within a multi-stakeholder environment, focusing on and designing for the real needs of the users (especially special need groups as visually impaired, elderly (with dementia), children and so on).